About us

Agricolosa was born from an entrepreneurial idea to think of something more “Green“, in Calabria.

The company is very sensitive to environmental and social issues. For this very reason the “woman” inside our company, represents the creative fulcrum of this entrepreneurial reality. Everything that is experienced feeds the spirit of experiential innovation and aggregation.

The company organize tastings of olive oil; you can book the olives and do the milling in the same day. An activity that can be defined “experiential tourism”.

Our farmhouse, known as Il Trappito, takes its name from “trappitu” which in Calabrian dialect means oil mill. This oil mill, built before 1967, is located in the quiet and charm of the rolling hills of the Roseto Capo Spulico area. It overlooks the Ionian Sea, surrounded by a large garden of about 40,000 square meters.

The farmhouse is not yet available for overnight and stays, but you can use some structures in the surroundings.

An experience for adults and children all-Green. An outdoor adventure to discover and enjoy the beauties of our land.

The prevailing activity consists in the production of citrus fruits and olives.

The citrus production concerns the common clementine; an important recognition was to adopt a quality plan, thanks to the disciplinary contained in the consortium for the protection of common clementine IGP.

Part of the citrus production includes first fruits varieties such as Clementina Caffin, Navelina Orange VCR and late common clementine.

The olive production presents the Cassanese, a “cultivar” of olive tree from Calabria, also known as “Oliva Grossa di Cassano”, due to the large size of the olives produced. It is supposed to be a result of successive grafts from plants from Ancient Magna Graecia. This tree finds wide and transversal collocation in the whole region of Calabria, in particular in the plain of Sybaris, Ionian side of the province of Cosenza. In recent years, its dual aptitude in producing olives for both oil and canteen, has multiplied the number of plants throughout the Calabrian territory.

The olfactory and gustatory sensations of Cassanese range from a fresh scent like freshly cut arugula to a more bitter taste that tingles the palate.

Another important acknowledgment was adopted for the quality of the product contained in the specification of the Oil of Calabria PGI.

The company Agricolosa is not satisfied only with the production, enhancement, processing and marketing of agri-food products. The idea of transforming the company into an educational farm is very exciting for this entrepreneurial reality. A particular attention is paid to environment, to ecology, to everything related to sustainability and quality of soil and air. The entrepreneur monitors with precision and attention the utilization of plant protection products inside the farm, adopting exclusively biological products without any chemical substances, both for the living beings and the plants.