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    Our treasure: Clementine di Calabria

  • Agricolosa Calabria

    organically farmed land

  • Agricolosa Calabria

    Calabria: food and wine excellence

Agricolosa is a company founded in 2017 based in Corigliano, in the province of Cosenza.

It is an entrepreneurial reality in search of the highest quality, lived fully and consciously, not only as a simple production but also as an experience of cultural growth, trying to spread as much as possible what good has to offer our territory so rich in the primary sector: Calabria.




Having obtained the certification of the Consortium Clementine PGI Calabria, allows us to look at the market with a new point of view. We are working to obtain other certifications of excellence also for our other products such as the oil of Calabria, the "Dotted" Fig PDO of Cosenza, etc.


The spirit that is accompanying us throughout our adventure is the focus on green, organic and eco-sustainability topics. By adopting product life cycles, from production to waste, we are able to prevent the permanent depletion of those microelements that are good for soil, air and crops.


The entrepreneurial and enthusiastic spirit that animates us, aims to promote our products beyond regional and national borders. Our challenge is to succeed in presenting products and services that will reach levels of true & good Calabrian food all over the world.

Calabrian delicacies

If you are looking for quality products, gastronomic treasures and ancient flavors, Agricolosa is just right for you. Our Calabrian delicacies will satisfy even the most demanding palate.


This land with its rich green plains, crossed by a heart of Apennine Mountains, with three great nature parks, nestled between the sea and sunny skies, is representative of Italy itself. A peninsula in the peninsula still fresh, pure, wild, full of unexplored sites, away from industrial and commercial contamination.
This land green and blue is still unspoiled, just like its products: oil and citrus fruits in the first place and the whole food production, which makes it famous all over the world.
All this food and wine excellence ensure Calabria the second place in Italy for the production of oil, vines and, above all, citrus fruits.
Calabria produces a quarter of the Italian production of citrus fruits, with 62% of the total production of Clementine (a citrus belonging to the group of hybrids between mandarin and bitter orange, commonly known as mandarancio) and the totality of bergamot and citron. They are all natural productions in fact Calabria ranks third among the EU regions who have more organically farmed land.